Type alias SearchFooterPanelOptions

SearchFooterPanelOptions: FooterPanelOptions & {
    autocompleteAllowWords: boolean;
    elideDetailsTermsCount: number;
    elideResultsTermsCount: number;
    forceImageMode: boolean;
    pageModeEnabled: boolean;
    positionMarkerEnabled: boolean;

Type declaration

  • autocompleteAllowWords: boolean

    Determines if autocomplete for words is allowed

  • elideDetailsTermsCount: number

    Number of terms to elide in details

  • elideResultsTermsCount: number

    Number of terms to elide in results

  • forceImageMode: boolean

    Determines if image mode is forced

  • pageModeEnabled: boolean

    Determines if page mode is enabled

  • positionMarkerEnabled: boolean

    Determines if position marker is enabled

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