Type alias OpenSeadragonCenterPanelOptions

OpenSeadragonCenterPanelOptions: CenterPanelOptions & {
    animationTime: number;
    autoHideControls: boolean;
    blendTime: number;
    constrainDuringPan: boolean;
    controlsFadeAfterInactive: number;
    controlsFadeDelay: number;
    controlsFadeLength: number;
    defaultZoomLevel: number;
    doubleClickAnnotationEnabled: boolean;
    immediateRender: boolean;
    maxZoomPixelRatio: number;
    navigatorPosition: string;
    pageGap: number;
    requiredStatementEnabled: boolean;
    showHomeControl: boolean;
    trimAttributionCount: number;
    visibilityRatio: number;

Type declaration

  • animationTime: number

    Duration of the animation

  • autoHideControls: boolean

    Determines if controls are hidden automatically

  • blendTime: number

    Time taken to blend images

  • constrainDuringPan: boolean

    Determines if panning is constrained

  • controlsFadeAfterInactive: number

    Time after which controls fade after inactivity

  • controlsFadeDelay: number

    Delay before controls start to fade

  • controlsFadeLength: number

    Duration of controls fade

  • defaultZoomLevel: number

    Default zoom level

  • doubleClickAnnotationEnabled: boolean

    Determines if annotation is enabled

  • immediateRender: boolean

    Determines if rendering is immediate

  • maxZoomPixelRatio: number

    Maximum pixel ratio for zoom

  • navigatorPosition: string

    Position of the navigator

  • pageGap: number

    Gap between pages

  • requiredStatementEnabled: boolean

    Determines if required statement is enabled

  • showHomeControl: boolean

    Determines if home control is shown

  • trimAttributionCount: number

    Number of attributions to trim

  • visibilityRatio: number

    Ratio of visibility

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