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A community-developed open source project on a mission
to help you share your 📚📜📰📽️📻🗿 with the 🌎

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npm install universalviewer --save

Please note that UV v4 is designed to work on evergreen browsers. If you need IE11 support, please use UV v3. Microsoft no longer supports IE11, and it reached end-of-life on June 15 2022.

🌐 Website

Visit the UV demo page to try it out.

📖 Getting Started

See the examples for how to use the UV in various scenarios.

Read the docs to learn about the various UV configuration options.

💻 Contributing

Read below to learn how to take part in improving the UV:

  • Fork the repository and run the examples from source
  • Get familiar with Code of Conduct
  • Read our guide to contributing
  • Find an issue to work on and submit a pull request
    • First time contributing to open source? Pick a good first issue to get you familiar with GitHub contributing process.
    • First time contributing to the UV? Pick a beginner friendly issue to get you familiar with codebase and our contributing process.
    • Want to become a Committer? Solve an issue showing that you understand UV objectives and architecture. Here is a good list to start.
  • Could not find an issue? Look for bugs, typos, and missing features.


🏅 Sponsors

Become a sponsor and join our Steering Group to help guide how our sponsorship funds are allocated.

📖 License

The Universal Viewer is released under the MIT license.

📖 Accessibility Statement

Read our Accessibility Statement

📣 Feedback

Read below how to engage with the UV community:

  • Join the discussion on Slack.
  • Ask a question, request a new feature and file a bug with GitHub issues.
  • Star the repository to show your support ⭐

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